Many years of working experience in alabaster processing. Tailor-made projects and creation of furniture items. Volterra, Tuscany, Italy.

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The company Etruria Alabastri was born in the 70s in Saline di Volterra for the production of alabaster objects. A large-scale idea for the construction of a full-cycle manufacturing process plant from excavation to the finished product, which had about 50 employees.

At that time, some members of our family were already owners of the company Vecchiarelli Sergio and Mino born for the processing of onyx and similar stones.

Lucia e Paolo Vecchiarelli, the current owners, grew up in that workshop: they remember with nostalgia the afternoons when all the workers were busy preparing the shipments waiting for the courier’s arrival. It seemed like a big family, amusing anecdotes were born related to characters and the workshops of the old artists that they still tell today.

Etruria alabastri - lavorazione alabastro Volterra - Fiera Firenze
Etruria alabastri - Craft fair, Florence
Etruria alabastri - lavorazione alabastro Volterra - scultura 1991
Etruria alabastri - Sculpture, 1991

In the 80s the two companies merged, the production has changed over time with the support of architects Mangiarotti and Borgna. Tables, planters, furniture and furnishings, boxes and cutlery with the combination of alabaster and brass.

Today Etruria Alabastri is a small family business with years of experience, which implements tailor-made projects and produces items such as lamps, clocks, boxes, frames, chessboards, bathroom sets and desk matching alabasters of different colours.